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Program Number: 19690117
Title: The Mess in the Merchant Marine
Program Date: Jan 17, 1969
Location: California
Duration: 01:01:22 (hh:mm:ss)
Summary: Major General Duchein argues that a strong merchant marine is central to
the national interest. He argues there are both commercial and defense
implications. On the commercial aspect, he notes the efficiency of sea
shipping as well as the fact that man cannot walk on 3/4ths of the Earth's
surface. On the defense angle, he argues Sputnik shocked America into its
space program, and a similar situation is developing with the Soviet's
merchant marine. Though not as dramatic as Sputnick, the exploding Soviet
maritime strength has far more ominous political, economic and military
implications. The U.S. has paid the price in Vietnam for its dependence,
admittedly small, upon foreign ships in time of war. Duchein proposes a
five-point program to give the U.S. merchant fleet a pre-eminent world
oceanic position.
Speaker(s): Duchein, Charles F. - Major general, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 1966-[?]; president, Navy League of the United States (1969)
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Subject Heading(s): Merchant marine--United States.
Sea-power--United States.
Merchant marine--Soviet Union.
Naval strategy.
Shipping--United States.
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