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Program Number137
TitleThe Ripon Society
PBS Number-
HostBuckley, William F. (William Frank), 1925-2008.
Guest(s)1) Petri, Thomas E.  - official of the Ripon Society

2) Auspitz, J. Lee (Josiah Lee)  - official of the Ripon Society

Taped onFeb 24, 1969 (New York City, NY)
Broadcast Date-
Duration50 minutes (or hh:mm:ss)
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SummaryDuring the battles for the Republican Party in the 1960s, the Ripon Society was founded in Massachusetts to further liberal ("moderate" in the Society's own terminology) tendencies in the party--the Rockefeller, Scranton, Romney wing, as opposed to the Goldwater, Reagan, and even Nixon wing. Today's conversation changes none of the participants' minds, but it clearly lays out the two wings' current positions. WFB: "The Ripon Society certainly seems to me to have affected most people as an organization that is industriously engaged in trying to persuade the Republican Party to be like the Democratic Party." TEP: "No, it's engaged in persuading the Republican Party to do those things that will enable it to compete with the Democratic Party in states where the Democratic Party is strong. That's a bit different. We try to take Republican ideas and formulate them so that they can embrace the necessary role of government in the last few decades of this century."
Subject Heading(s)Ripon Society.
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )
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