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Program NumberFLS203
TitleA Firing Line Debate: Resolved: That the Evolutionists Should Acknowledge Creation
PBS Number203
ModeratorKinsley, Michael E., Editor of Microsoft's Internet magazine, Slate
HostBuckley, William F. (William Frank), 1925-2008.
Guest(s)1) Buckley, William F. (William Frank), 1925-2008.  - For the Affirmative.

2) Johnson, Phillip E., 1940-  - For the Affirmative. Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, author of Darwin on Trial and Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds

3) Behe, Michael J., 1952-  - For the Affirmative. Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, author of Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution

4) Berlinski, David, 1942-  - For the Affirmative. Mathematician, management consultant, author of A Tour of the Calculus

5) Lynn, Barry W.  - For the Negative. The Rev., lawyer, minister of the United Church of Christ, Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

6) Scott, Eugenie Carol, 1945-  - For the Negative. Physical anthropologist, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education

7) Ruse, Michael.  - For the Negative. Professor of Biology at the University of Guelph (in Ontario, Canada), author of Darwinism Defended

8) Miller, Kenneth R. (Kenneth Raymond), 1948-   - For the Negative. Professor of Biology at Brown University

Taped onDec 4, 1997 (Seton Hall Univ., S. Orange, NJ)
Broadcast DateDec 19, 1997
Duration120 minutes (or hh:mm:ss)
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Summary"I retreat from any formulation of tonight's exchange," Mr. Buckley begins, "that suggests that everyone on the other side should embrace creation. Not everyone on the affirmative side embraces creation. What we contend is that everyone should acknowledge creation as an alternative explanation for cosmic and biological happenings now thought by so many as naturalist in provenance and momentum." Mr. Lynn replies that "none of us on this team have any doubt that we have all been created somehow. Where we disagree with Mr. Buckley and his colleagues is on the relationships between evolution and our current situation." And we're off on a profound debate that ranges from the molecule to the cosmos, with distinctions that may be surprising to the layman (e.g., from Ms. Scott, between evolution and Darwinism: "Darwinism is evolution through natural selection")-and quite a lot of fun along the way: Mr. Berlinski: "The gravamen of your argument is the chordate." Mr. Kinsley: "Are people familiar with chordates?" DB: "Vertebrates. That's us." Ms. Scott: "No, chordates are the group in which vertebrates belong." Mr. Miller: "We're all chordates here, Mike."
Subject Heading(s)Creation.
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Type(s): Transcript
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